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Therapies Available

  Applied Kinesiology

This therapy (pronounced Kin-easy-ology) is safe, gentle and non-invasive and carried out with the client fully clothed. Applied Kinesiology is a blend of traditional Chinese medicine and Western Chiropractic techniques. It is based on the belief in the interconnectedness of the body as an interacting unit composed of parts that influence each other.

Everything we do affects the body as a whole so that a problem in one area can also be connected to an issue in another. The meridians, or subtle energy pathways, are common to organs and muscles so that Applied Kinesiology can use a series of gentle muscle tests to detect subtle energy disturbances. For example an energy imbalance accompanying a particular digestive issue can be associated with weakness in the leg muscles.

Applied Kinesiology provides a range of corrections such as light massage over acupressure points to restore and help maintain balance. Applied Kinesiology can be used to help address muscle and joint problems and may help alleviate aches and pains. It may also use “indicator” muscles to identify items that may disturb the body’s balance, e.g. in the environment or diet. As well as identifying potential physical stressors, this form of testing is also used to link in to the body’s communication system. This is in order to identify possible emotional stressors that affect the body’s harmony and equilibrium. Applied Kinesiology provides techniques to assist in the gentle release of these.


As well as full body and face treatments, or back neck and shoulders, a particularly popular choice is to have a hand or foot treatment.  This can be preferred if a client has mobility issues, or prefers the convenience of receiving a soothing treatment whilst fully dressed and seated comfortably.

  Head Massage

For back, neck, shoulders and face. This treatment can be carried out with the client seated and through the clothing. Massage has a number of beneficial effects and can ease aches and pains while relaxing you.


A non-invasive therapy carried out with the client fully clothed in a lying or comfortable sitting position. Due to its gentle nature, Reiki is suitable for all ages. Reiki is said to use natural energy flow from the Reiki practitioner’s hands when placed on or near the client. This energy, sometimes termed as “Universal Life Energy” can enhance a general sense of health and well-being. Other potential benefits of Reiki are believed to include: deep relaxation, relieving symptoms of stress and tension, reduction of fatigue, and a positive impact on mood.


Seichem, like Reiki, is a natural energy therapy and the name is derived from the Ancient Egyptian, ‘sechem’, meaning power.

As with Reiki, the client remains fully clothed and may be seated or lying down during the treatment. Seichem is believed by some to be a powerful means of releasing emotional blockages but at a pace that is gentle for the client to experience.

The Seichem energy is used as the body’s own innate wisdom directs, leaving the client relaxed and restored.

  Counselling and Bereavement Counselling

Understanding when you want to talk; understanding when you don’t. This is offered alongside your chosen therapy treatment as required.