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Wellbeing support is not just about guidance on physical health such as diet or exercise; nor is it just about providing coaching in self-help techniques such as Mindfulness to assist in relaxation, reduction of anxiety or the relief of the symptoms of depression.

  Wellbeing Support

At a time when we most need a little extra support, although loved ones may be more than happy and willing to help, we may be reluctant to ask or let them know we are struggling.

Perhaps they themselves may be grieving and/or having to juggle the responsibilities of work and of looking after a family.  We may feel that we prefer  time we have together  to be spent on the more personal things such as reminiscing or sharing fond memories.

Practical issues can seem daunting when we are also having to deal with our grief, coping with unfamiliar procedures and official forms, making funeral arrangements, having to make phone calls if we don’t feel like talking etc..  Well-being support can be for times such as these.


Accompany you on a shopping trip, or to a hospital or other appointment. Help sourcing a cleaner, food delivery or trades-person. Support with phone calls or answering mail. Finding out about gadgets or communication technology that might make life easier and help you keep in touch with friends and family. Seek information and guidance on housing matters or benefit entitlements. Find out about courses of study available or local interest and social groups and provide a bit of moral support on a first visit. Perhaps even just going out for a walk or visiting a park if you not been out for a while and need reassuring company.

These are only examples. If your requirement is not listed here and you are in doubt or wish to discuss your own particular needs further please use the Contact page. There are so many ways that a bit of support at the right time can make all the difference.

In recovering from a life shock or an illness it is important to minimise as much stress and worry as we can. Even small tasks that we are normally quite capable of can be too much for us to face at a difficult time. This in turn can prey on our mind, causing further anxiety. It is support in these things that can also help to restore and maintain wellbeing.

Peace and Well-being